Brand New Video Chasers by Xbobby ft AG

​​Charity Begins At Home with Their Accent  Rappers AG  & Xbobby [ 19& 18!Years old] They  remain one of the most versatile Youngest  rappers in Kenya credited for Their unique style Hence Undisputed

Representing mwingi kitui, met With Storming Rapper Xbobby at the same high school, storm owing to his unique flow, style, delivery, lyrics and the accent makes them different from the rest.Matter of fact Birds of the same feathers Flock together They were classmates and deskies.Gram Hit Chasers in hands of  master Mazishi Beat Maker Riccobeats(trapman)

he is realy dope

Ricco is one of the youngest successful beat makers in Kenya who has worked with top Hiphop artists Like khalighaph jones & King kaka .Kazi Yake Tunakubali

we love his work and we gon’ work with him in our next projects,we also enjoyed working with him

Have You watched The video
its a real dope video, we tried our best on this thou its our first video, but we made sure that the media wont complain bout quality on this
Surprising The Video Features Ricco Beatz Top Fast Hiphop Female Rapper Kyki . 
One on the rappers That have smacked Femi one ,Njeri & Noti flow Diss Rap . She’s well Known On Top Hits like Sisi Ndio Hao that features Baby Teah  Tiziana ,Noti Flow ,Renee same Video Produced By Richie G [ ATL ENT KENYA ] 

Well The Video was directed by richie G, he is one of the most gifted Video  directors and producers who has made Good Stamps in the industry


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