Get Quality AUDIOS & VIDEOS @atlentkenya payable in installments

Greetings, get to do quality AUDIOS & VIDEOS payable in installments…

Call Richie-G on 0714-525296 (Location: Kasarani, Nairobi)

Our previous work include:
* Slowly – Beryl Owano ft. Matonya
* Kuna Day (Remix) – by Jimmy Gait
* Nadeka – Guardian Angel
* Life na Adabu – by King Kaka
* Mat za Ronga – by Tunji
* Love – by Jimmy Gait
* Cheza Chini – by King Kaka
* Pilau Njeri – by Femi One
* One by One – by King Kaka
* Alarm – by Dida
* Agenda – by Richie-G ft. Naiboi
* Random – by Obinna
And many more… #SupportingTalent


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